Gingerbread House Soap

My gingerbread house soap brings you the joy of Christmas baking without the calories...and it will also last a lot longer than edible treats! Everything is made of soap, even the sweets on the roof, so please don't take a bite.

Made with skin loving oils such as olive and coconut, with the addition of moisturising shea butter, it's also a treat for your skin. Scented subtly with my own blend of essential oils that include Australian sweet orange oil and clove, and also coloured naturally with cinnamon and cocoa powder, it's not surprising that you may be tempted to eat it. 

These soaps are made over a period of 3 days - first the embedded heart and the sweets, then the house part, and finally after cutting and trimming the house, I individually pipe the roof frosting and place the sweets. The soaps will then cure for at least 4 weeks before I can wrap them.

When ordering, you will have the option to choose a sprinkling of glitter on the roof (see photo of single soap top), or leave it without. Please indicate in the comments box what you would like.

Because these are made in very limited quantities, I will be taking pre-orders, which means you can pay for them now and be assured of getting them, and I will have an idea of how many more I need to make. The first batch (pictured) will be available from 1st December. If you have any questions, feel free to email me via the contact form.

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Type: Soap

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