Natural Soap Making Kit

Have you heard how wonderful handmade soap feels on your skin? Or perhaps you already know and want to try making it yourself. 
Whatever the reason, this kit is a great way to get started, without wasting too much time wondering what you need to buy, which recipe to follow, or buying ingredients you don't really need.

This kit makes about 20 bars of luxurious shea butter soap, from 2 batches - one of lavender and one of peppermint (10 bars each). The kit contains:

  • 510g coconut oil
  • 450g RSPO palm oil
  • 100g shea butter
  • 25ml peppermint essential oil
  • 25ml lavender essential oil
  • French green clay
  • purple mica
  • dried lavender flowers
  • disposable gloves
  • instructions & recipe

You will need to buy your own caustic soda, olive oil, and distilled water. These are all easy to source from large supermarkets. 

Most equipment you need is probably already in your kitchen, but you will also need a stick blender, scales, and a heat proof jug, as well as various utensils and containers. These can be stainless steel, plastic or silicone, but not aluminium. 

A mould is not included in the kit, but you might like to buy a wooden mould, handcrafted by my dad (see under Kits and Supplies), or use a clean empty milk carton.

If you would like to substitute one or both of the essential oils, please comment in the Notes box when placing your order and we will accommodate your preferences if it is in stock. You can choose from these essential oils: sweet orange, may chang, rosemary.

We will be adding more photos to this product description soon. 

The kit is only available for pick up at Dymocks building, George St, SYDNEY by prior arrangement. As I am not always in the studio, you will be able to collect it from the office of CBD College on the same floor during business hours. As the CBD College staff cannot get your order ready, please wait until email confirmation of when you can collect it, typically 1-2 business days after ordering.

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